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Welcome  Via Playa Guacuco / Guacuco Beach, Arismendi, Nueva Esparta, VE. 6301 
  Tel:.+58 (295) 242.55.46   +58 (295) 242.55555 Reservationes:: +58 (426) 299.03.70

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Isla Margarita, Hotel Guacucoresort
One tropical garden is kept perfectly at all times by the hotel employes. A private collection of many orchids abound throughout the gardens together with our lush tropical plants and trees.

Artwork from local artists has been added to the landscape to enhance the overall ambience of the hotel surroundings.

Isla Margarita, Hotel Guacucoresort

Rif Nº J-29656085-4
R.N.T Nº 9227

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