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Isla Margarita, Hotel Guacucoresort
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Isla Margarita, Hotel Guacucoresort
MARGARITA ISLAND is situated 90 miles westwards of Trinidad & Tobago and 25 miles north of the continent Venezuela. Within the Caribbean you can find direct connections between Trinidad - Tobago, Grenada, Barbados and Los Roques

Margarita is a duty-free zone and is therefore very popular for shopping with visitors from the mainland and other caribbean islands. Mainly summer and beach clothing, alcohol (excellent Rum!), cigarettes, pearls, jewellery and perfumes are sold at good prices. If you are looking for typical souveniers then you should go for hammocks, pottery, wickerwork by Indians of the Amazons.

There are three commercial areas in Margarita. The first one is the market “Nuevo Mercado Municipal de Conejeros” located in the western part of Porlamar. One part of the market offers food where the tropical fruit and the fish sections are worth seeing. Separated by a big parking lot you will find hundreds of little stands where you can buy just about anything and at very reasonable prices that can be further negotiated.

And if you still haven´t had enough, then visit the shops along Avenida Santiago Mariño and 4 de Mayo. Here you will find the fancy boutiques, jewellers and perfume shops. Shopping might be somewhat more expensive in this area but the superior quality makes up for it and especially the brand-name articles are sold at much better prices than in Europe or the United States.
Should you decide to rent a car and drive over the island, do not forget to stop in Santa Ana, a small village between Asuncion and Juangriego, to look at hammocks and drive through El Cercano to find local pottery.
Isla Margarita, Hotel Guacucoresort

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