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Isla Margarita, Hotel Guacucoresort
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Isla Margarita, Hotel Guacucoresort
Margarita is located outside the route of storms and hurricanes,
so this permits the island to be far away of this kind of danger.

The annual average rainfalls is very low and the climate
is warm with an average of 27ºC (85ºF).

The gentle breeze that constantly blows across the island refreshes you from the heating sun. In the late afternoon hours, you can take a drive up north and enjoy the beautiful sunsets.

This Island offers magnificent and widely varied landscapes.
The rich vegetation of the verdant valleys close by the capital of La Asunción contrasts with the arid side of the Macanao Peninsula located to the west of Margarita Island.

Isla Margarita, Hotel Guacucoresort

Rif Nº J-29656085-4
R.N.T Nº 9227

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